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Thursday, May 25, 2006

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

There's been a discussion going on at about wealth and christianity. Greg said "I still cannot get to a point (and believe me, I’ve tried) where a disciple, a follower of Christ, can walk into a Lexus dealer and put his John Hancock on a piece of paper to purchase a car that costs that much money. Or on a house that costs that much money. Or go on vacations that cost that much money" I've weighed in a couple times on his blog all ready, but I'll post my thoughts on the matter here. I understand Jesus gave us a radical call to discipleship. When the rich young ruler approached Jesus about salvation, Jesus asked him several things. When he gave the correct answers to Jesus's questions, Jesus gave him the clincher... "sell all you have and give it to the poor" Hardcore. Sell EVERYTHING... not just ten percent, as had been previously stated in the law. The guy walked away sad, because he had great wealth. If we just read this passage, it would lead us to believe we must sell everything and give it to the poor to be saved. However, when Jesus met Zaccheus, he didn't require the same thing. Zaccheus only gave away half of what he had. Jesus didn't rebuke him for not giving enough. So why is Mr. Kendall Ball requiring something that Jesus didn't? Sounds awful presumptuous don't you think? Judging people whom he doesn't have a personal relationship with? I have some hands on experience with this type of judgementalism. Since I turned 12, my family has been blessed monitarily. My dad started a business in 1992, and its done fairly well. We live in a nice house but up until recently, drove very modest cars, toyotas, hondas, chryslers, etc. Just recently we've gotten an Acura SUV and my Dad's company car is an Infiniti. According to Prophet KendallBall, we are not good Christians because we live in a house that's too big for his standards, and we drive cars that are too nice for a real disciple to drive. He's making a judgement without knowing a person, knowing how much money my family gives away. I'm not going to condemn any Christian for how they deal with money. I think there is a good way to do it. I think more important that what car you drive is how you give. Who would you think is living a lifestyle more like a disciple; someone who makes 500,000 dollars a year, but lives on a third, saves a third, and gives away a third, but who happens to drive a lexus and live in a 5000 square foot house, or a person who's making 40,000 a year, has 10,000 of credit card debt. Has a 500 dollar a month car payment and a 1000 dollar a month house payment? Sure, they are middle class, but they are stretched to the limit. When you are that stretched, it makes it that much harder to give your first fruits. Of course, prophet Greg Kendall Ball would believe the middle class person to be more spiritual because they don't drive a luxury car. It just makes me upset. Wealth is relative. We all could be giving more away... but pointing fingers at those with more than you is just covetousness masked in spiritual arrogance. how about instead of pointing fingers at those less "spiritual" than us, we use what we have to point to Christ and his love?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dear Pat Robertson, Shut the hell up. Love, Justin

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What is wrong with our society? I just turned on Maury Povich and it depressed me. It was one of those "who's the father" kinda deals. It makes me wonder how anyone can come from those type of situations and be a halfway emotionally stable human being.

The illegal immigrant debate is getting out of hand. I don't agree that our borders should be completely open. I'll go ahead and say that from the start. However, the rhetoric that I hear on talk radio, and from my friends, is disturbing to me. Hispanics are people, too. Sure, they are breaking laws to come here. When's the last time you followed every law of this land. Ever sped? didn't come to a complete stop at a stop sign? And you do those things out of sheer convenience. These people, for the most part, are coming over here because they can't feed their families in Mexico. Think about the lengths to which you would go to feed your family. I'd walk through fire to make sure my family's basic needs were met. Love doesn't fail to act because of a law. We need to tone down the hate rhetoric about hispanics. Should they be here illegally? No. Should we have compassion on them. Absolutely.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Watch this from hannity and colmes This lady is the daughter and spokesperson for the group that made this website. Ugh.

Has anyone heard what the southern baptists are saying about homeschooling? They've pretty much put out an ultimatum that you aren't a good christian if you support the public school system. Unbelievable. It makes me wonder how much longer conservative evangelicalism will continue as a force in our country. It seems they are realizing now that they can't control the culture around them through the government, and now that they are withdrawing their kids from public schools, it just seems to be a matter of time before southern baptists are the new mennonites, living together in cities, working only with each other, all driving the same SUVs and wearing long skirts and long hair (for ladies) and no short pants for men. Well, maybe not. But we can be sure that there won't be any brown people. Speaking of southern baptists and brown people, there was a story in the Tennessean recently about Hispanic baptist pastors and how they are making inroads with traditionally catholic hispanics. Apparently though, the white baptists are happy to save them, but want them to go back to mexico if they are illegal. Anyway, I'm sick of the immigration deal. I don't mind hispanic immigration for labor (i'd do the same thing if my family needed food) but it is kinda dangerous because we don't have a record of who's coming here (serial killers, someone carrying polio, etc) I mean, since polio has been iradicated in our country, I didn't get the shot. But its not iradiated in the world, so someone that has it could come across the border, and it would be detrimental to this country. Its a tough deal. I wish I had some answers.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why are people insane about the Bible? How can someone in their right mind be so arrogant as to believe they can read a book that has been translated out of a dead language into english, and understand all the mysteries within? What makes a person believe that they are right, and that anyone else who comes to a different conclusion than they is obviously trying to manipulate people to send them to hell? Why are Christians so obsessed with hell? Why can't we get passed this "I know all the answers to get saved" garbage and go out and live like Jesus? I frequent the church of Christ forumon myspace, and I swear, every day I get on there, someone says something that makes me wonder if they've ever read the bible. Well, I know they've read the bible, at least all the passages that explain why MOTCs are going to heaven, but God's gonna send everyone else ot a place of fiery torment for eternity. But, besides the hell passages in the gospels, I pretty much don't think they've ever read about Jesus's life. I feel some sort of responsibility to dialogue with these people in order to plant a seed in them, and also to try and help seekers and thinkings in the c ofc realize that those people are crazy. I love them, and I count them as brothers, but I'm just so frustrated with them and yet I feel a bit of responsibility.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I am not a good christian. I talk a good game, and I read all the books, and I try to love others, but too often I don't live up to what I preach. I've begun a journey. A journey that hopefully will lead me to being more christlike. Some words I've learned so far on my journey are postmodern, missional, emergent, desconstruction, among others. Some words that I'm re-learning are love, gentleness, kingdom, and eternal life. My old christian self was very much devoted to self. How do I stay saved? What do to improve my relationship with God? Or more notably who and what do I need to avoid to better my relationship with God? Now I'm trying to ask the questions What can I do for others today? How can I love like Jesus? How can I live a kingdom life? I try and pray for God to show me what I can do. But like I said, I haven't been very good at it. I still say things that are judgemental about certain classes of people. I definitely have a problem not thinking of myself as better than others. I struggle realizing that, despite my love for this country, my full allegiance doesn't belong to it. My allegiance must be to Christ and his Kingdom solely. That's a huge struggle. How do I bring justice? How do I motivate myself to look after others before I look after me, but not drain my resources so that I myself live in need of charity? How can I be involved in the political process in this country and further the kingdom, without making a political party or this country or my ideology become my Lord? How can I be a better new kind of Christian?